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Fleetguard Filtration Systems

The filtering systems of Fleetguard


Fleetguard offers a wide variety of high quality fuel, oil, hidraulic, pneumatic and aquatic filters.

Fleetguard, Inc. is a division of the American company Cummins. It manufactures and supplies filters to more than 175 original equipment manufacturers (OEM) all over the world. The range of Fleetguard represents more than 5000 different products, while the quantity is not the determinant factor.


Five key principles are determinant for Fleetguard:

  • quality
  • reliability
  • making according to the client's order
  • strict specialization
  • innovations

Such companies as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, DAF, Ford, Hitachi and many others are persistent clients of Fleetguard. Fleetguard this is a company far beyond any needs of advertising and also it's production and services to such popular world trademarks as Nelson, Kuss Filtration, Separation Technologies, Emission Solution, Universal Silencer.

Structurally Fleetguard represents one of the strategic business-directions of the company Cummins Diesel;acknowledged as a global leader in the field of manufacturing of diesel engines.

Today the production of Fleetguard is using new technologies for air, fuel and hydraulic filters, filters for system cooling, full range of products for operation in extreme climatic conditions, all kinds of accompanying tools and accessories . The products' range of the company includes more than five thousand names of high-quality products. As an example the last technological researches of the company are these that allow to Fleetguard to confidently take leading positions on the world market of filtering systems, even among severe competition

  •  the concept of the loading type filters shortens the downtime of the engine end reduces oil losses
  •  he technology of letting-through filters increases the time intervals between service maintenance and as a result of  this - the life cycle of the engine
  •  it has been Fleetguard that has been the first to start using filtering systems for cooling by chemical reactives, ensuring excellent protection of the engine and simplifying its operation</li>
  • because of using water-separator systems the productivity is increased significantly and the best protection for the components of the fuel systems is ensured

One of the fundamental principles, with which Fleetguard, Inc. manage their activities, has always been and will be the individual approach to every client.

 The list of industrial branches where filters of Fleetguard are used includes: car-building, mining industry, road-building industry and energetics, agricultural machine-building and ship-building. The list may willingly be continued.

The client of Fleetguard may find anything he needs in particular for his needs, namely his own equipment, his machinery.This company's policy results in Fleetguard annually investing quite a lot of funds in scientific researches, aiming at the target the products of the company to not only comply with the most strict i

nternational standards, but also in certain parameters be ahead of them. The clients of the company participate in this process actively by their requirements for high quality of the products, to which the products of Fleetguard conform at the end.

Nowadays the company performs certification in accordance with the standards ISO 9001 / 9002 and QS-9000, while the international distribution system Fleetguard, Inc. is certified in accordance with ISO 9000. All this is a result of the fruitful interaction between the manufacturer and the clients, allowing the company to continuously improve the quality of its product.

IPO Ltd. supplies upon order fuel, oil, hydraulic, air and water filters manufactured by Fleetguard.

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