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Metal Constructions

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The engineering unit of the company has the ability to develop original structural and technological documentation on the basis of solid fundamental education and long years of acquired experience in designing, manufacturing and implementation of details and structures for various clients in different industrial fields.

Maintaining stock availabilities of the most frequently used materials, as well as the well organized supplies and internal transportation within the workshop, are a prerequisite for ensuring trouble-free and flexible production by mechanical treatment of single details, assemblies and structures with various geometry, weight, dimensions and complexity. This is guaranteed by our own machine stock of universal and specialized machine-tools, selection of optimal technology and highly-qualified and motivated staff.



Metal constructions manufactured in the production plant in Karlovo.

  • Parts and constructions for the mining industry – screens, separators, containers, tanks, machine bodies and special equipment.
  • Metal welded constructions, beams, columns, stairs, anchor plates and bolts.
  • Details and spare parts for road construction and agricultural machines and equipments – digger buckets, single to six lines mechanical clamshells, dredging grabs, buckets for draglines, paddles, etc.
  • Optional equipment. We have the capability for flame cutting, plasma cutting, disk-saw, guillotine and belt-saw cutting and cutting-out of billets from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, from circular, angled and sheet rolled metal, turning, milling and grinding of cylindrical and prismatic and frame details, classical electric-arc welding and welding in protective environment, gas welding, heat treatment, recovery, normalizing and ageing.


The development of the structural technological documentation is carried out by the latest engineering software – ‘Solid Works’ and ‘Auto CAD’. This additionally ensures shorter led times of production, flexibility and high quality of the final product.

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