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Houchin Ground Power Units

Houchin Aerospace is one of the foremost names in the manufacture of Ground Support Equipment to airlines, the aviation industry and military forces around the world.

Houchin Aerospace maintains regular contact with the major airlines and aircraft manufacturers to ensure that its product developments reflect the increasingly stringent specifications imposed by modern aircraft. With quality of the electrical supply being such a crucial aspect of its products, the company retains control through design and manufacture of the critical electrical components at its manufacturing facility in Ashford, Kent, UK. Environmental awareness is also reflected in designs to ensure that products meet all relevant European and international emission requirements.

The company was originally formed in 1931 in London. In 1997 Houchin acquired the design and manufacturing rights for Auto Diesels ground power which have now been integrated into the Houchin product portfolio

Houchin Aerospace products can be found in over 100 countries operating for 750 airlines, handling companies, airports and military forces.

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