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Centrifugal Castings from Ferrous Metals and Alloys

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IPO Ltd. is an established producer of centrifugally cast bushings and rings made of bronze and brass, whose chemical composition and mechanical indicators comply with the following standards:

DIN 1705, DIN 1714, DIN 1716, DIN 17656
БДС 14010, БДС 14009, ГОСТ, UNI, SAE
EN 1982, EN 10213, EN 10083

The rich variety of metal moulds for centrifugal casting enables us to produce castings with a wide range of sizes:


  • Min inner diameter of a bushing Ø80мм - ОК са
  • Max. outer diameter of a bushing Ø 1100мм with height L 650мм - ОК са
  • Max. outer diameter of a ring Ø 2300мм with height L 250мм - ОК са
  • Castings produced by our company are offered to our clients with either final or rough machine treatment (polishing).


Wide application 

  • Heavily loaded sliding bearings for the mining and ore dressing industry, road construction equipment, engines and machine units
  • Ship repairs and casing bushings for propeller shafts
  • Worm drive rings for heavily loaded engine transmissions
  • Sealing rings for hydraulic turbines
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